From the Desk of Gary L. Brooks

Dear Friend and Colleague,

I am Gary L. Brooks, Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy and Civil Pretrial Practice by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification and Board Certified in Medical Negligence by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys.  We are among the three percent of attorneys in the United States who are Board Certified.


Please take a minute to read what I have to say.


As a Board Certified Attorney, you are personally invited to become a Fellow of the American College of Board Certified Attorneys (ACBCA) -- the only national organization dedicated to promoting Board Certification and Board Certified Attorneys to the public and the profession.


The American College of Board Certified Attorneys is a professional organization for attorneys who have been Board Certified by a recognized accrediting organization.  


The American College of Board Certified Attorneys works independently from the ABA and State approved certifying organizations, but is dedicated to promoting their missions. 


Become a 'Fellow' today...  


A "Fellow" is a member of a professional college who has met and maintained the qualifications for Board Certification by an approved certifying organization. As a member of the ACBCA, you will be authorized to use the designation FACBCA (Fellow of the American College of Board Certified Attorneys).  


At the core of our efforts is a database of ONLY Board Certified Attorneys that is searchable on two websites. The first is, a professional web portal for ACBCA members and the second is, a web portal for the public to locate and access information about Board Certified Attorneys so meaningful and informed decisions can be made when identifying and selecting the most experienced counsel.


Why Join?


The American College of Board Certified Attorneys will:


  • Promote your profile online and through our Social Media communications.     

  • Educate the public and the profession about the importance of Board Certification.   

  • Diligently protect your right to communicate your Board Certification.   


Take a look at a few of our member profiles

Gary L. Brooks

Board Member of the


William McMurry

President of the


Paul Gibson

Past President of the NBLSC (NBTA)

David Rapoport

President of the


Joining today is about the cost of a business lunch. I am certain the value of your listing on both sites far exceeds any other value you will find.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.







Gary L. Brooks, JD, FACBCA

CEO and Founder


MOBILE:  405.488.4414

OFFICE: 405.840.4066


There is no other national Board Certified Attorney search engine like this!


- No banner ads

- No paid rankings

- No peer rankings

- No client/friend reviews



Many sites that purport to rate attorneys are easily manipulated by factors that have nothing to do with qualifications of the attorney. The ACBCA does not participate in peer ratings, allow client ratings nor paid rankings because all of the ACBCA members have been tested and board certified in their respective area of expertise.


Explore our websites:

Some Member Features You Should Know About...


Custom Web Address

Enhance your public recognition by creating a custom web address (URL) for your ACBCA public profile. Your custom ACBCA web address is a powerful marketing tool that allows users to go directly to your profile without a URL full of letters and numbers that are awkward to put on marketing materials and difficult to remember. With a few simple clicks, you will be able to personalize your ACBCA member web address that will be easy to remember.


A Complete Searchable Profile

We have endeavored to have all Board Certified Attorneys listed in our database.  Fellows of the ACBCA can present verified information that is searchable on both of our websites, and


No Up-sell

Our sites are solely dedicated to the interest of our members and the public looking for the most experienced counsel.  Our sites do not have banner ads, allow for paid advertisements, peer or client reviews or rankings.  We are supported entirely by membership in the American College of Board Certified Attorneys.


Member Download Center

Fellows of the ACBCA will have full access to our download center which will include the ACBCA and logos, videos, presentations and other marketing assets.


We Are "Social"

Member profiles will be published on our Facebook and Twitter channels.


Lead Generation Form

Members can decide how they want the public to contact them with a fully customizable contact form.


Profile Statistics

Each Fellow of the ACBCA will be able to see how many times their profile has been viewed.


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